Fried Rice

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I have been told that my fried rice rivals the fried rice at Kobe Steakhouse or even PF Chang’s by people who have eaten it.  It is a family favorite.  We have this at our house about every other week.  Just add some chicken, grilled snap peas or egg rolls, and you will definitely have a dinner which you have knocked out of the park.

fried rice

fried rice


I serve this rice with Soy Garlic Chicken, grilled snap peas, roasted broccoli, grilled salmon, or Teriyaki chicken that I have done in the crockpot.  I usually like to serve it like a rice bowl.  There are so many options even a vegetarian one if you omit the eggs, serve it with stir-fry veggies and a vegetarian egg roll.  You can omit the butter too if you would like to cut back on the fat.  However, I will tell you the butter really is the secret ingredient in this recipe.  I hope this becomes one of your family favorites too!