Turn Your Laundry Inside Out

It sits there in what seems to be a never-ending pile. Some might call it a mountain really. Loads are done and folded, but there is still sits. It is called laundry. Do you want to get a better handle on this never ending chore? Here are some tips on how to do your laundry better and get it done faster.

One tip that I have done with my laundry for years is to turn many items inside out when I wash them. I don’t turn everything inside out just certain items.

One of the items I always turn inside out are pants. Jeans, slacks, shorts and even some warm up pants have buckles, zippers, rivets and may even have some embellishments. Other items I turn inside out are any shirts which have any logos, embellishments, graphics, sequins or embroidery on them.

The reasons turning laundry inside out works!

  • PREVENTS DAMAGE TO YOUR MACHINE – When you turn your laundry inside out, this hides the zippers and other items on the clothing which could scratch, chip or damage the inside of your washing machine or dryer. If a zipper nicks the side of your machine and takes off the enamel, rust could start or the enamel might start to chip off of the inside of your machine. I don’t know about you, but I want my machines to work as long as they possibly can.
  • PREVENTS DAMAGE TO YOUR CLOTHES – When zippers and buckles are safely tucked away, it prevents them from snagging on your other clothes as well. Sweaters don’t get caught in a buckle and get unraveled. Over the long run, you will save on clothes which are not damaged in the wash.
  • PREVENTS FADING – The washing machine and the dryer are not always the easiest on our clothes. Years and years of detergent can fade clothes. I have noticed that if I wash shirts and pants inside out, the inside of the item fades while keeping the outside of the item from fading as badly.
  • PREVENTS NOISE – It is annoying to me to listen to all of the noise which projects itself from the inside of a dryer when zippers and buckles are exposed. It is like a battle scene from The Lord of the Rings is going on inside. Also, if you have little ones who nap, it is nice to be able to do your laundry a little bit quieter so Mom gets a little more peace and quiet.
  • PREVENTS LOGOS FROM CRACKING OR MELTING OFF – Most logos or emblems which are on t-shirts or sweatshirts don’t always wear well over time. I have had logos literally melt off in the heat of the dryer. Turning any shirt inside out which has a logo on it prior to washing, not only protects it in the wash cycle, but protects it from the heat of the dryer as well.

It definitely takes me a few extra minutes to turn pants and shirts inside out. However, I have seen over time how my clothes stay looking better longer over time. Hope this tip helps you!

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