Ranch Macaroni & Cheese

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This is not your regular, boring macaroni & cheese. Three different kinds of cheeses, zesty spices, sour cream, and even cracker crumbs gives this macaroni & cheese so much flavor and texture that it is like an explosion in your mouth. I dare you not to say “yum” on this one.

ranch macaroni

The fact may or may not be known that I love macaroni & cheese. My mom knows this one very well. In fact, in an amazing cookbook my mom made for my brother and I, she stated this very fact. She was sharing some simple recipes which called for a box of macaroni & cheese. In the notations, she suggested that most people would have a box in their pantry, but that I would probably have several. Like I said, she knows me well since I have 3 in my pantry right now.

I must have passed this love down to my youngest daughter. I like to think she acquired the taste for it in the womb. When I was pregnant with her, I craved and ate carbs like nobody’s business. I am not saying eating a ton of carbs is super healthy, but comfort food sure hits the spot sometimes. This recipe is no exception.

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