The Car Book

Here is the scene.  The car is pulling to the right when you drive.  You are sure the alignment was done about 6 months ago.  If it was done only 6 months ago, you definitely want to make sure you take it in before the year warranty is up to get it checked. 

To make it easy for me I have a car book.  
When I get a car repair, I write it in the car book.  Also, sometimes my husband changes the oil or changes a light bulb.  We list those items in there too to keep track of them.  I purchased a book with the same number of tabs as cars that we have.  I write each car’s information under that car’s corresponding tab.  This is the information I keep in my car book.
  • Date the repair was done
  • How many miles the car had on it when the repair was done
  • Who did the repair
  • What repairs were done
  • What repairs were recommended

I keep the book in a place which is very handy so I can grab it at any time.  In an instance like the above scenario, I can just grab my car book and look and see when my alignment was done last.  


Some of you are really great at filing all of your important papers immediately.  If you are this kind of person, you might go to your file to look up the paper which says when you did your alignment last.  This is definitely a way to do it.  However, I still think my book idea is faster.  

The reason is that usually you would have to go through some or most papers in the folder to find the right one.  Usually, I can find the entry at a glance in a few seconds.  The other reason I like it is that I can see quickly too which repairs were recommended to the vehicle without going back to the file and sorting through all of those papers.  

I really don’t like lots of paper, and I hate to file.  I really hate it.  Can I repeat that?  I really hate filing.  So, I learned a tip in the book called It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh which I really like.  Using this method, I file all of my statements, bills, etc. in an accordion file until the end of the year.  I then purge the accordion file and only file the papers with are really important.  I end up only filing about half to my papers every year.  Otherwise, I would have ended up filing everything into the black abyss of my filing cabinet never to see the light of day again.  I wrote about it in this blog if you are interested in this tip.

I also like my car book, because I can take it with me to the car repair place with me as a reference.  So, when Mr. Repairman says I need a new air filter, I can look and see I just had a new one installed 3 months ago.  I sure can’t take my filing cabinet with me.  Books can really be handy tools.  I also have a house book that I wrote about in this blog.

I hope this is a tip which could work for you to save you time and also money as you keep better track of your car repairs.

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  1. That's a brilliant idea, I'm buying a new notebook immediately! Like you, I don't manage to file anywhere near all of the paperwork that piles up day after day. So I can see how handy it must be to have all of the information easily to hand in one place. It would work for property maintenance tasks as well.

    Lillian Jenkins @ Enterprise Glass

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