Teacher’s Christmas Gifts

It is that time of year, and it is the last week of school before the break at least for my kids. The perfect time to give a wonderful teacher a wonderful gift.

I wanted to write my blog today and show you my favorite way to wrap teacher’s gifts.  I saw the idea years ago in a magazine.  The magazine might have been All You, but I really can’t remember.  I have wrapped it this way for teacher’s Christmas gifts ever since.

I go to my local hardware store in the paint section and buy an unused paint can.  I buy the gallon paint can, because it fits my gallon size bag of Chex Mix that I usually make for the kid’s teachers.  You can use a quart size paint can if your gift is smaller.  The paint cans range from $3 to $5 depending on the store and what size you buy.

Using a paint can opener, take off the lid of the paint can.  Put one sheet of tissue paper into the can and put whatever gift you have inside the can.   Feel free to let your tissue paper hang out of your can, which is how I like it, or tuck it into your can.

After you have put your gift in the can, place the lid back onto your paint can.  Using a mallet, gently tap the lid back onto your can.  A word to the wise.  Don’t seal your lid too tight.  Your teacher might want to break into the treats during his or her planning period that day, and they won’t be able to if the lid is on too tight.

Tie a ribbon around the middle of the can.  Put a label or address it to your teacher on the top of the can. When the teacher is done with the gift, they can use the can for pencils or crayons or counting sticks or whatever else the teacher might want to use it for.  They could even take it home to use it at home rather than in the classroom.


Happy giving!