Quick Painting Clean Up Trick

It’s tip time!
I don’t know about you, but when spring arrives I start to desire to venture into numerous projects.  Most of the projects I have saved up for the summer involve painting in some shape or form such as:
Painting a new coat of stain on the deck
Painting a headboard
Painting the back door
Painting a piece of furniture that I have in the basement
Recoating my kitchen table with a new coat of polyurethane
All of these projects really can’t be done well in the winter time.  I really don’t want to paint a piece of furniture in my house on the carpet.  I could paint in the garage, but that would mean parking the car outside in the winter.  I don’t want to do that, because then I would have to scrape snow off my car in the morning.  Also, paint doesn’t dry well in 40 degrees.
So, spring is the time I usually get out my paint brush and start painting.  Right now, I am deciding on a main paint color for the house.  As I got to painting the first hallway in the color we chose today, I realized I had the perfect painting tip to share.  It is a real time saver.
I don’t mind painting.  I actually like it.  It is a job where you can see the progress you are making and really transform the look of a space.  I don’t like the clean up though.  So, this tip will save you some clean up time by not having to clean your paint tray.
First, using a kitchen garbage bag (mine is 13 gallon size), place your paint tray inside the garbage bag.
Tie a knot at the end of the garbage bag to seal the paint tray inside the bag.  You will notice that the bag will be puffy with air.  Very carefully poke a small hole in the kitchen garbage bag near the knot or somewhere your paint will never touch to allow the air to escape from your bag.
Pour your paint into the paint tray and paint away.
When you are done painting, carefully turn the garbage bag onto itself and slide the paint tray out.
Your paint tray will be totally dry.
The wet paint will now be on the inside of your kitchen garbage bag.  Toss the garbage bag in the trash.
Done!  Your paint tray clean-up should take you about 10 seconds.  You can’t beat that!