Meatless Monday Recipe Ideas

Join the craze and adopt the tradition of having a meatless meal each Monday night.  I have been trying to do this once a week with my family even though it is not always on a Monday night.  

One reason is that it is cheaper financially if you cut the meat out of the recipe especially for a family living on a tight budget.  It is also usually healthier and can have less fat when you are able to take out the meat.  

So, for those of you who are trying to stick to healthy New Year’s resolutions, this would be a great tradition to start with your family to add just one meatless meal every week.  Think your family will turn up their noses at a meatless meal?  A great place to start is with a dish or soup that your family already likes and just omit the meat.

Here are some recipe suggestions from my blog which would be great choices for your Meatless Monday.

This soup is so beyond easy.  Dump several cans of different vegetables into a crockpot, add some spices and simmer all day.  Delicious!
This is a great soup especially in the middle of winter.  This creamy soup is fantastic with a loaf of hot French bread to sop up all of the yummy juices.
I created this recipe when I wanted to make some Asian food I had seen on Pinterest, but I did not have all of the ingredients for either recipe.  So, I morphed them!  My family eats this once or twice a month.  Serve with a large package of snap peas sautéed in some sesame oil and minced garlic.  Talk about yum!
This recipe originally calls for chicken, but you could totally omit the chicken to make it meatless.  Add more broccoli in place of the chicken. This recipe is super easy and freezes really well too.
This is an amazing salad which has substance due to the tortellini in it.  Omit the bacon to make it a meatless meal.  Add some cheddar cheese on the top to add some more flavor or protein, if desired.  Serve in big bowls with toasted bread.
Enjoy, Andrea