Madison Goes To Prom

Madison went to her Junior prom this weekend.  Her boyfriend, Sean, came all the way from Oregon to take her to the prom.  

We spent a couple of weeks prior doing some shopping for her dress, shoes and beauty accessories.  I got some fabulous deals which I was totally excited about that.  We got the dress at Ross for $19.99!

She started to get a shower and makeup on almost two hours ahead of time.  My plan was to start on hair one hour prior to her leaving the house.  Wow!  That hour flew past quickly, but in the end, she looked like an absolute princess!

Step aside, Cinderella.  Here comes Madison!
Madison & Sean
The theme was Hollywood.  Way to knock it out of the park, Sean!

The thing which amazed me the most is how much I thought my daughter looked like my mother.  What do you think?  

You never forget your first dance, do you?  I thought it would be fun to put in a photo of my first Homecoming dance.  

Yep, this is me at 15 years old getting ready to go to my first dance.   Look at that 80’s permed hair!
Here is another one from my Senior prom and Madison’s Junior prom.  What fun to go down memory lane!
I know I am her mother and am biased, but I thought Madison was stunningly beautiful.  The great thing is that Madison is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  She is so thoughtful, obedient, caring and loyal.  She is such a gift from God!  So thankful to be her Momma!

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