Garage Parking Tip

It’s tip time!

Many years ago, some friends of ours in Texas had a great idea for parking their car in their garage.  Carl said, “Someday, I want to do that in my garage.”  Well, it took several years, but he finally did it.

The idea is to hang a tennis ball from your garage ceiling.  When you pull the car into the garage, you know you are in the perfect parking sport when your windshield hits the tennis ball. No more wondering if you pulled up too far or didn’t pull in far enough.  No more checking to see if your bumper has cleared the garage door.  It has been a great tool for me especially after we bought the Suburban (aka “the tank”).  Here is how you do it.

What you need is the following:
a tennis ball
nail or hook
twine or rope

Pull your car into your garage and park it in the spot you want making sure you are clear of the garage door.  Place a hook or a nail in the ceiling of your garage eyeballing somewhere around the center of your windshield.  Using a knife, carefully cut a very small slit into your tennis ball.  Make a large knot in one end of your twine.  Press the knot all the way into the slit you have cut in your tennis ball.  Holding the other side of your twine, wrap the twine around your nail in the ceiling as you dangle the tennis ball over your windshield.  Raise or lower the tennis ball until it is just gently touching your windshield.  Tie a knot in that spot on your nail.  You are done.

A word to the wise.  If you have boys or neighbor boys, expect for them to not be able to resist this when your car is not parked in the garage.  A tennis ball hanging from the ceiling just begs to to played with, right?  Just ask me how I know this!  If you do, just expect you may have to reattach your parking friend a time or two,  I can’t help but love the way God made those boys!  They make me laugh.

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