Try Not To Blink

Something happened today.  It was one of those days which makes you think back to the days when you would hold your baby in the rocking chair and wonder where in the world those days went.  

I remember knowing those moments I had with my babies would be over all too soon.  I would try to soak up every rolly curve of a chubby leg or the feel of a silky bang which fell over a forehead.  The fuzzy feel of a wonderful Carter’s footed sleeper where the baby’s hair smells like Johnson’s baby shampoo and the sleeper smells like Dreft as you rock that baby slowly to sleep.  Kissing pudgy fingers as you look down at perfectly puckered lips.  What bliss!  What a gift!

Every mom has been there right?  I hope you have.  I remember trying to burn those memories into my brain with my kids.  Family members or strangers would say, “Enjoy this time. It goes by way too fast.”  

Today was one of those days when I looked up and said, “Hey, how did I get here?  It has gone by so fast.”  Why you ask?  


Nathan got a car today!!
Yep, we have been saving for a car for about two years now for him.  He liked this car, and it was in our price range.  God has been so good as we have looked and negotiated.  We feel very blessed.  
What a handsome young man!

So, here I am.  There are no longer any silky locks I get to caress back from his forehead.  There are no more Carter’s footed pajamas.  I would still snuggle him if he would let me, but those days are gone most days!  He is growing into a man, and it is an exciting time.  I remember the day I got my first car.  How grown up I felt!  What a rite of passage.

So, if you are still in the throws of Carter’s pajamas, pudgy legs, curls, and the scent of baby shampoo wafting in your nostrils, just know that one day you are going to look back and long for those moments again.  In the throws of it, I know it is exhausting, but mark my words, you will miss them. 

Growing up seems to accelerate the older my kids get.  I try not to blink, but I have to blink.  Time marches on as much as I desire to slow it down.  God has a plan, and my job is to be as diligent a mother as I can be along the way.  I enjoy the excitement of watching my kids become young adults, but I sure do miss me some chubby legs!

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.  When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

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