Sell Your Old Fencing

It’s time for another mom tip! I am so thankful for all of my friends and my family who have given me wisdom and advice over the years. Some wisdom and/or advice has become a staple in our home, and other advice has not. It didn’t make the advice wrong necessarily. The advice usually just didn’t work for myself or for our family. So, this blog is geared towards giving you something that works for me, and if it works for your family then that is great too!

When our family left our Texas stomping grounds, I had the idea that I would like to use some of our old, weathered fencing from our Texas fence as the frames for some family pictures that we had made.  So, I bundled up about 60 weathered boards and moved them with us on the moving truck.

Well, I was able to find a local art framing place here in town which was able to use the old fencing for the picture frames.  The owner was so excited to use the very western, rustic fencing for the pictures.  In our dialogue, I had an idea.  I asked him if he would be interested in buying any of the extra fencing from me.  He was totally excited about the offer.

He offered to pay me $1 a foot.  I knew by talking to his wife and him that he would be able to use the wood on different art frames and be able to charge much more than $1 a foot.  However, the leftover wood really was unusable to me and cluttering up my garage, and I really liked them as people.  I was able to sell him 10 boards which were six feet each.  He wrote me a check for $60 for the wood.  It was a win/win deal.

I know especially in the south where that old, gray fence wood is just thrown out to the curb.  My suggestion is seeing if there are any framing businesses (probably a Mom & Pop place) in your area that would be interested in your old fence wood.  If you found someone, you could make some money on the side by selling your old wood or picking up scrapped fencing other people may have thrown away at the curb.

So, that is my tip for the day.  As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Happy hunting and/or selling!

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