Repurpose Holiday Glass Jars

It’s tip time!

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, you might find yourself using one of the products pictured below.  You might put cheese spread into celery stalks or use dried beef in an appetizer. 

Don’t throw away the glass jars they come in, but
instead repurpose them into juice glasses.

My mother-in-law got me hooked on this little trick.  I have never thrown these cute little jars in the trash again.

Once you use the product inside these jars, run them through the dishwasher.  You might need to use some Goo Gone or baby oil to get the glue from the labels off of the glasses before you wash them and use them.  Throw the lids away.

These glass jars make great juice glasses
for your breakfast table. 
Each one even has its own decoration on it.  The dried beef usually has stars around the top edge, and the cheddar cheese spread has a diamond pattern on the bottom edge. 

I also love them for little kids too.  They are glass, but since the glass is very thick, I have never had one break. 

They are the perfect size for little hands and little liquid amounts.

So, as you go about your Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, why not add this one to it!  I know I have.

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