Make Finger Cots For Life’s Little Messes

Many years ago, a doctor suggested I buy some cots, also known as finger cots, to apply an ointment.  I remember buying a package of twenty cots, but they were really expensive.  I began to find myself over time using them with the kids to apply diaper ointment and putting ointment on highly contagious rashes.  I ran out and by then realized I couldn’t live without them.  So, there entered the idea to make my own by cutting the fingers off of latex gloves instead. The difference in price was almost half of what it cost to buy the pre-made finger cots.



How To Make Them

Take a regular latex glove and cut off each finger down at the base where the finger meets the glove.  Put the latex fingers in a plastic resealable bag.  Throw away the leftover hand part of the latex glove or give it to your kids to play with in the bath.  It is fun to fill them up and watch the water pour out the holes in the gloves.


How To Use Them
I will be as delicate as I can be here, but these are very handy for life’s dirty jobs especially with the kids. Throw a bag of them in your diaper bag to use to apply diaper rash ointment or yeast cream.  Use them to apply petroleum jelly you know where for constipated kids or a cream for a kid with pink eye.  No matter how dirty the job, these latex fingers will keep you protected from life’s little messes.  When you are done, just throw it in the trash.  No more mess.  These are handy and clean.  I like that!

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