Handy Tip For The Car

It’s time for another mom tip! I am so thankful for all of my friends and my family who have given me wisdom and advice over the years. Some wisdom and/or advice has become a staple in our home, and other advice has not. It didn’t make the advice wrong necessarily. The advice usually just didn’t work for myself or for our family. So, this blog is geared towards giving you something that works for me, and if it works for your family then that is great too!

Today’s idea was not originally my own so I can’t take full credit for it.  Carl and I were driving down the road when I saw something in the car next to us.  They had a roll of paper towels attached with a bungee cord to the back of the headrest.  The bungee cord hooks were hooked around the posts of the headrest.  I thought it was a totally genius idea.  It was hooked to the back of the drivers headrest as to not inhibit visibility.  Who doesn’t need paper towels at various times with a car load of 5 people or kids or for eating out or for cleaning up?  I went home immediately and rigged our car up with one, and I have loved it.

The first weekend after we put it in we went to a theme park and brought our lunch in the cooler rather than pay the expensive price for the food at the park.  The paper towels came in handy as makeshift paper plates for us and to wipe off our hands and mouths.

They came in handy a few weekends after that when our youngest, who has a problem with motion sickness, threw up in the car.  Luckily, we know well enough to be prepared for this event.  Let’s just say the event was contained, but the paper towels were helpful to wipe her mouth off.

They have been very handy to have in the car, and it is my tip for the week.  You might be glad at some point that you have them if you put them in your car too.