Do Hard Things

I always try to have some interesting ideas for activities to do over the course of the summer with the kids.  One year I decided to visit one McDonald’s play area every week during the summer since we lived in the Dallas area including one of the top ten McDonald’s in the world as reported by USA Today.  Another year I thought about going to one new park every week.  You can read about both of those adventures here.

The kids usually moan and groan when I say I have a new summer idea.  I usually then laugh at them.  The reason is that the idea usually ends up in some disaster or some other unforeseen circumstance.  For example, one of our McDonald’s trips ended up with someone’s child throwing up in the ball pit and then a child asking my children if they wanted to see a rash she had on her butt.  Another involves a Sugar Daddy pop which was accidentally sat on in a perfectly bad spot at one of the parks we visited.

This summer plan is a little bit more safe, and I am hoping I might have some friends who might want to come along side and do this one with us.

This summer I am going to have my two teenagers read a book called Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris.  This is a book which was written by two teenage boys who started their own blog called The Rebelution.  It is a rebellion against low expectations geared at teenagers.  

Are teenagers selling themselves short?  Are they capable of so much more than they think they can do as well as what the adults around them think they can do?  

I have read the majority of the book so far, because I wanted to read it before I had my kids read it.  It is convicting me as well to my own low expectations for myself and even low expectations I have for my kids.  I am also realizing that I am not giving my kid’s enough opportunities to achieve or thrive, because I might be afraid of letting go or I don’t believe they can do it when really I should just let them try.  It is possible they can learn more from their own mistakes than by listening to me dismiss their latest idea.

I would love if other friends want to come along for the ride.  It is a Christian book.  My plan is to have the kids read two chapters a week and have a weekly discussion.  It would be fun to share thoughts, questions, and fears which come up with other kids their age as well.  If you are interested, just let me know.

I am also looking into John Piper’s book entitled Don’t Waste Your Life which looks good to me.  It might be a good follow up book after this one.  So, happy reading this summer.  There is nothing better than a hot summer day with a book in my hand.  Blessings!

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