5 Reasons I Love Homeschooling

Carl and I have chosen to homeschool our son for the last 2 years.  The first year I was so nervous, because it was such a huge step.  Now, I can’t imagine him every going back to public school.  It has truly been a great decision for our family, and today I wanted to share 5 reasons I love homeschooling for those who might be curious about homeschooling your kid or kids in the fall.

I have had lots of people ask me about homeschooling who are on the fence about homeschooling their own kids.  They ask questions I asked in the beginning as well.  I am the first to say that it is not for everyone, but there are times when the square peg is just not meant to fit in the round hole.


Reason #1 – Flexibility

If I could make this reason higher than reason #1, I would.  We have LOVED the flexibility!  Nathan has been able to take a business trip with his dad, and we just took a trip to Texas together for almost a week during the school year.  All he needs is his computer since all of his work is done online.  We can stay in our pajamas, we can go to a coffee shop or even take a day off if he is not feeling well.  He can sleep in if we had a late night as a family for some reason.  The flexibility has really been marvelous.


Reason #2 – Less Wasted Time

One thing homeschooling has opened my eyes to is how much wasted time is in regular school.  How many times have my kids come home from school and when I ask what they did at school, they say they watched a movie or had a sub who let them color the whole hour.  I know that instruction is happening at school for sure, but there is some wasted time.  Nathan is consistently done at or about lunch time.  Whereas public school would keep him there for 7-8 hours, he can complete his school work in about 3-4.  There are no distractions, no random teacher’s story about what happened over the weekend, no pizza party, and no movie.  There are just the assignments which need to get done, and he does them.  That is all.

Reason #3 – Taking Responsibility

I have been so impressed with how Nathan has taken ownership of his school.  It is a skill he will need when he is an adult, and he is learning that now.  He gets up in the morning, can see what his assignments are, and he gets started.  He won’t have his mom telling him what to do or when to do it.  He will have to formulate a plan and execute it.  Homeschool has done that for him.

Reason #4 – Opportunity to Work

Nathan has never been a big fan of school.  There are those who love school and have a love for learning, and then there are those who care more about how the world works and like to turn it over in their hands to examine it in all of its various angles.  Nathan wants to be out in the working world, and homeschooling has allowed him to do just that.  There are many days he has done all of his schoolwork and worked a shift at work in the same amount of time his peers have been in school.  Working during the day has also allowed him to work with and be around adults who for the most part have been more mature which has added a level of maturity for him.


Reason #5 – Control

I have enjoyed being able to look at the curriculum and be confident what my child is learning is not only good curriculum but has a biblical worldview through a reputable university.  I believe that teacher’s have the hardest job, and most teacher’s really do a great job.  It is the curriculum which has come into the public school which I don’t always agree with.  For example, I don’t believe in the Big Bang Theory.  I believe in a God who made the heavens and the earth, and I tell my kids that is why it is called a “theory”.  It is not a fact.  It is just nice to know and be able to look at what Nathan is learning.

Again, homeschooling is not for everyone.  My youngest is in public school, is highly involved and loves it.  We don’t have any plans of moving her.  However, I have always been convicted that if one of my kids need it, if public school was not working for them or they were in danger that I would make that change.  In the end, it is a choice that only the parent can make for their child, and every child and family is different.  It has been a huge blessing for us.

“The beginning of wisdom is this:  get wisdom.  Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7