100 Screen Free Activities

It is that time again.  Summer!  My kids are out of school and more often than not, I find them scattered around the house in front of some sort of screen.  The screen varies in form such as a television set, a phone, a computer, an iPod, or even a Kindle screen.  Anyway you slice it, they are in front of a screen.  

I know it is not my job to entertain them, but I start to get annoyed by the draw of the “magic glowing box” as my mom likes to call it.  There are times I have to admit that I like the fact that they are quiet and entertained in front of their screen.  I have a slew of things I need to get done everyday so I like that they are entertained.  Guilty as charged, I am afraid.  However, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, and screen time is one of those things in my book.  So, I made up the following list for my kids which gives them 100 Screen Free Activities to choose from.

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I created this list with my kids in mind using activities I know we have available to us.  For example, we have a firepit, but you might not.  We have a backyard to pitch a tent in, but you might live in an apartment.  Feel free to use this list as a staring point for your kids to have ideas about what to do for their day.  You can also make your own list using the ideas presented here as well as some of your own.  This list, I think, can be as unique as the kids in that family.

May your summer be happy and fun mixed with some screen time and some screen free time as well.  I hope this list helps your kids and you to get the most out of your summer!