10+ Quick Lunch Box Ideas

Have you seen the following picture on your Pinterest page or your Facebook page?  A Mason jar with a empty plastic container which is reused from a fruit cup or pudding.  It is a genius idea really, and I was totally excited about it.  The only problem is we recycle!

This picture from Denise/Soup Spice Everything Nice

I already had tons of Mason jars, but I specifically went and bought several fruits cups so I could recreate these awesome snack containers.  The problem is once the plastic containers were clean, my family kept throwing them in the recycling bin.  I couldn’t keep them so I could even use them.

Then I found these great snack containers at Wal Mart for only $1.50.  Here are 10 plus ideas for your lunch box for work or for the kids.

Here are some great lunch box ideas for you.
Pretzels with peanut butter
Veggies with ranch dip
Veggies with humus dip
Cheese and crackers
Turkey rolls with Swiss cheese cubes
Ham rolls with cheddar cheese cubes
Tuna or Chicken salad with cheese
Tuna or Chicken salad with crackers
Tuna or Chicken salad with fruit
Tuna or Chicken salad with veggies
Yogurt with fruit
Yogurt with granola
Overnight oatmeal with fruit
Milk with dry cereal

Prep 5 to 8 of these on a weekend or in the evening.  In the morning when time is tight, grab quickly and throw into a lunch box or have a quick breakfast on the run.  The added benefit is the cost of the these handy containers is cheap enough to work well with any budget.