The Scavenger Hunt

Every summer I try to come up with an idea or an activity for the kids and me to do during the summer.  We have done this before, and I have even written about it before. You can read about it here.

They have been quite the memory makers.  The kids usually roll their eyes when I come up with my new idea, but I remind them, as I did today, that when I am dead and gone this is the stuff they will remember us doing together.  We are memory making.

One summer I thought it would be fun to visit all the McDonald’s in our area which had play areas at a rate of about one per week.  That ended quickly when, at one of the many McDonald’s we had visited, a girl asked the kids if they wanted to see a rash she had on her butt.  Last summer, I thought it would be fun to visit one neighborhood or city park at a rate of at least one a week.  Madison laid her Sugar Daddy sucker on its wrapper on the picnic table seat at one of the parks, and one of the kids (I won’t mention any names as to not embarrass them) sat down every so strategically on the Sugar Daddy.  Let’s just say that when we scrapped it off it didn’t look like a Sugar Daddy.

So, today we went on a scavenger hunt.  My idea was to drive around the city and take a picture of every statue that we could find.  We found a total of 23 and here are some of the best of what we found.


An angel caring so,



A horseshoe buffalo.



One bear or maybe more,


A brown bear by a door.



A pretty, painted horse,



And a dino, of course.



One bear or maybe more,



A pink girl by a store.



Indian on a car,



A cowboy by a bar.



One bear or maybe more,



Chairs stacked up high and score.



One elk or maybe two,



A giant silver shoe.



One bear or maybe more,
What a day to explore!
Here are some tips and ideas if you might want to have a statue scavenger hunt of your own.
1. Make bets on how many statues you will find.  The winner gets a small reward or is relieved from a chore, etc.  Lauren won our hunt, and she gets to go to Starbucks with Mommy.
2. Set a length of time you will explore.  The more competitive person in your group might want to stretch the time if they are not up to the number they have bet or want to call time if they are at their number.
3. Go exploring with another family and set a time and place to meet at the end for ice cream.  Whichever group has taken a picture of the least amount of statues has to treat the other family to ice cream.
4. Be clear about what is a statue.  Is it an abstract piece of art, or is that a sculpture? Does it have to be a person? Animal? Both?
5. Have fun.

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