Skillet Cornbread

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This is my recipe for good, old-fashioned Southern cornbread.  Cornbread is not really a Northern or a Southern thing per se, but from what I have seen, they just make it a little bit differently from each other.  Most Southerners make their cornbread in a hot iron skillet with little or no sugar.  However, Northerners make theirs in a pan, and it usually is a sweeter bread.

However you may like it, this is my version of my mother’s Southern cornbread recipe.  I have changed it a little bit over the years, but it is mostly the same recipe.

One things I had to change were the ingredients.  In the south, you can find self-rising cornmeal mix which already has the self-rising ingredients in it.  However, in the north where I live now, you can’t find it.  So, I have to buy cornmeal and add the self-rising ingredients to it myself so it will rise.  I will include both recipes so you can make it with either regular cornmeal or cornmeal mix depending on what is sold near you.

Make sure the grease is hot to get that wonderful crust!

*Although the thought of you not wanting to use the bacon grease make a tear or two come to my eye, I know there are times when substitutions must be made.  You can use vegetable oil in place of the bacon grease, but you will definitely loose some of the wonderful flavor.