Our Family’s Sick Update & A Good Reminder

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog and requested prayer for myself who had been running a fever and for my daughter who was scheduled to have her adenoids removed.  You can read the blog post titled A Prayer Request Or Two here.  I wanted to write tonight to give everyone an update on how we were doing.  We have had many people calling, texting, messaging and praying for us.  I have been so truly grateful.

The First Prayer Request Answered

I had been running a fever since Thursday.  I went to an urgent care center on Sunday.  The doctor there said it was probably just a virus.  By Tuesday, I was still running a fever but had developed a severe headache and neck pain.  

I ended up going to my regular doctor on Tuesday.  At that point, I was going on day 5 of running a fever with chills and night sweats.  He was concerned about spinal meningitis.  The doctor on Sunday had mentioned that possibility too, but I seemed to have passed the in office tests.

My doctor said I could opt to get admitted to the hospital and get a spinal tap to prove or disprove the meningitis theory, or I could take an oral antibiotic intended for spinal meningitis.  I opted for the antibiotic, and he told me unequivocally I could not run the half marathon.

So, I took the antibiotic.  I did not run the half marathon, but I deferred Madison’s and my registration to run next year.  Madison was so understanding and said she was proud of us already whether we ran or not.  I love that girl!  I ran a fever for one week, but I am now fully healed and feeling great.  

The Second Prayer Request Answered

Lauren went into surgery on Thursday to have her adenoids removed as well as her nasal passages enlarged.  When the doctor got her on the operating table, he looked at her tonsils.  He said they were blocking 50% of her throat, were white and had groves in them.  He said it was only a matter of time before she would need to have them removed so he ended up taking those as well.  

The adenoidectomy is a 2-3 day recovery whereas the tonsillectomy is a 10-12 day recovery.  They gave her heavy pain medication to try to keep her as comfortable as possible.  From day one through eight, she did not get up from the couch except to be escorted by Mom to the bathroom or carried to bed by Dad.  

It has been hard to see my daughter in so much pain or to be in pain and in tears one hour before I can give her the next dose of her medicine.  However, it has been comforting to me to see her sleep in her bed with her chin down and mouth closed.  Even after only 30 minutes of being home, she took a gasp of air (she had been doing this for about a month), looked surprised and said, “My throat feels so empty.”  It helps me to see that once we get through this to full healing, it will be so much better for her.  

This past Saturday was a turning point for her.  She sat up for a good part of the day and even went to her room to get dressed in a costume.  

It has been a full time job taking care of her with medication alarms I set on my phone, cool washcloths for her throat, refilling the humidifier, bringing countless bowls of ice cream with extra chocolate syrup, and drinks.  It has been exhausting in many ways for me.

On Saturday, I was tucking Lauren into bed.  In my mind, I was anxious to get her in the bed and have some me time.  I was tired and weary from a day tending to her and lots of house cleaning.  She reached up and touched my face and said, “Mom, I want to cherish these moments with you.  I know Dad and you will not tuck me into forever, and I want to make sure to cherish this time I have with you.”  Talk about stopping me in my tracks!  It was a great reminder.  Whether good or bad, tired or weary, what a great reminder to cherish every moment with my kids, because it will be gone before I know it.

I want to thank each one of you who have prayed for us, called us, texted us, messaged us or brought us a meal.  You know who you are, and I love you all so much!  Your prayers worked, and I am thankful to God for His healing and for all of you too.  Thank you!

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