Make Your Hair Dryer Last Longer

It’s tip time!
It took me many years before I realized how to make my hair dryer last.  A hair dryer blows out air so it should be a no-brainer that it needs air to work.  I burned through many a hair dryer before I realized this fact.  If you make sure your hair dryer has air, then it will last you a long time.
With daily use, the hair dryer sucks in air so it can shoot it out onto my hair.  That sucked in air carries dust which gets built up on the filter in the back of the hair dryer.  Every hair dryer is different, but all of the ones I have had have some sort of metal grid which collects all the dust.  Keeping it clean is the real challenge.
What I have done for years is to clean it out periodically with a toothpick.  I keep a toothpick in my bathroom for just this purpose.  If your grid is hidden behind a cover, you can check your grid periodically to see if it needs to be cleaned.  I always know it is time when I can smell a faint burning smell.  If you get to this point, you need to clean it immediately.  That means your hair dryer is having a hard time breathing, and the motor will burn up if you don’t clean it.
Clean off the hair dryer grid with a toothpick
This is how you do it.  Gently scrape the point of the toothpick across the metal grid of your hair dryer.  You will be amazed as you see the dust scrape off and roll into balls.  Pick the dust out with the toothpick and throw it away.  Continue until your hair dryer grid is totally clean.  Viola!  It is like you get a new hair dryer.  You should notice a difference in the hair dryer performance after you clean out the grid. 
A clean hair dryer

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