Dealing With Wet Summer Clothes

I am sure you are familiar with this scenario.  Adults and kiddos come into the house from the pool, sprinkler, or spray park with wet swimsuits, towels and sometimes even clothes.  These items used to get hung on my shower curtain rod or over the back of a chair in the kitchen.  It was an unsightly mess in my opinion.  The clothes then would drip on the floor, and this had to be wiped up which was another task for me to do.

A view inside the shower at the tension rod with wet clothes hanging up.

My solution was to hang a tension rod over the bathtub.  I had a tension rod left over from our other house, but a new one usually costs less than $10.  I hung the rod on the back wall of the tub high enough to not be hit if someone were taking a shower, but low enough to not be seen from the outside when the shower curtain is pulled.

A view of the shower curtain closed with wet clothes out of sight.

I love it, because the wet clothes get hung up to dry.  They can drip into the tub with no clean up, and we can rewear the swimsuits a few times before I throw them in the wash.  I also like it, because my bathroom still looks nice and neat.  When the shower curtain is pulled, a guest or anyone else cannot see the stuff I have hanging inside the shower to drip dry.  It is also a place I can hang a towel that maybe fell in the sink and got wet that is not really dirty or extra laundry I might want to line dry.  It is a tip that has really worked for me in our home.

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