Costco Has A Great Secret

It is tip time again, and I hope that this tip will make your heart and your wallet very happy.  It is a blog I have wanted to write for years, because it is just too good not to share.  So, here it is.


Costco will accept anything as a return.
I learned this from a sweet friend who had an issue with a refrigerator and a dishwasher long after the manufacturer warranty had expired.
I tried this for myself when my Garmin wouldn’t turn on anymore. I had the Garmin for almost 3 years, and it was purchased from Costco.  There was a toggle switch on the top which turned it on and off.  The switch broke to where it would just slide freely in the track, and it wouldn’t turn on.  I called Garmin, and they said it was out of warranty.  They said I could send it in for repair, but I would have to pay for shipping and pay for repairs.
I decided to march myself down to Costco.  I was a little nervous!  After all, the Garmin was almost three years old.  However, I decided I would give it a try.  The worst thing they could say was no.
I didn’t even have the receipt!
I went to Costco, and they were able to look up the purchase under my name and the item.  Originally, it was $269.  They gave me the full $269 on a Costco gift card.  No hassle  No questioning.  I went and bought a brand new Garmin for $199, some gardening gloves and kitchen towels.  Can you believe that!
I got my full money back after almost 3 years!
I could not do that with the manufacturer.  I could not have done that at Target or Walmart or Best Buy.  There is nowhere I can get that kind of deal!
I had this happen with another item too.  I had bought some Beats headphones for Nathan for Christmas.  I was able to get the same price for them at Verizon, but knowing what I know about Costco, I decided to buy them at Costco just in case.
I am glad I did get them at Costco.  Six months later the cord started to kink and separate from the cord plug.  I knew that if we waited too long, it would probably stop working.  Again, we took them back to Costco and were able to get a brand new set of headphones.
Believe me, if you have to buy any items such as a television or a refrigerator or even a Garmin, buy it at Costco.  They will accept anything as a return so if you have any kind of problem with it, you can return it for your money back.  
Now, that is a really good tip!