An Easy Way To Organize Your Recipes

It’s Tip Time!
I have a habit, and I wonder if you have the same habit.   Instead of keeping a whole magazine just to keep a good recipe or two that I have seen in there, I will tear out the recipe.
The question is…what do you do with all of that paper?
First, I put the recipes into a regular folder with two pockets.  One pocket is for savory dishes, and the other pocket is for sweet dishes.  I try to make one new recipe every week or so to keep things lively.

Once I make a recipe that receives kudos from all of my family members, I have a notebook that I have divided into sections with dividers.  You can label your dividers with whatever categories you would like, but some of my categories are appetizers, salads, entrees, soups, desserts, bread, etc.  I have plastic sleeves that I just slip the recipe I want to keep in the appropriate section, and I am done.  I can get two recipes in each sleeve, one on the front and one on the back.

The reason I like this method is, because it is like its own cookbook.  I used to hand write each recipe I thought was a keeper.  I stopped doing this for two reasons.  It takes up a lot of time to do it this way.  Also, when I would write out the recipe, I lost the picture of the recipe.  I am a visual person so I really like to have the picture.

It is quick to do.  It is organized.  It is my own magazine recipes cookbook.  How easy is that?

2 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Organize Your Recipes”

  1. I bought a notebook and starting clipping, trimming, and taping recipes in. This is easier and a really good idea! I like the concept that a recipe doesn't go into the book until it's approved.

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