All You Need Is Love

I got on the plane headed to Vegas this past weekend to attend a wedding for special friends of ours, but I couldn’t help being more excited about some alone time with my husband without the kids.  Buildings that seemed to reach to the sky, dazzling lights, and advertisements publicizing way too much skin awaited me after getting off the plane and heading into Vegas.  I was ready for a great experience.

On the day of the wedding, Carl’s friend was presenting with a 20 lb ball and chain.  Carl and I looked on with nostalgia, because we had been the first recipients of the ball and chain almost 19 years ago at our own wedding.  We could see where someone had written our names and the date of our wedding with a Sharpie on the ball as well as others who had come after us.  Nineteen years.  Wow, where had the time gone?

One of the highlights of our trip was going to see Cirque Du Solei The Beatles Love show.  The artistry, costumes, acrobatics, lighting, and special effects were truly amazing.  Men and women alike performed feat after feat of true strength and talent as the audience applauded.  I couldn’t help but think of the bible verse which says, …”they worshiped and served the created rather than the creator..”  Everything on that stage had been created by God in one way or another from the sinewy bodies which were fearfully and wonderfully made to the colors to the minds that created the magnificence we were watching.  It was truly spectacular.

As the theatre filled with the song by the Beatles, “All You Need Is Love”, I couldn’t help but feel the truth in those lyrics.  It starting with the excitement I had of spending the weekend with the one I loved for the weekend.  Then a wedding joining two special people who I know will be together forever, and catching up with special friends.  It extended to the people who sat at slot machines pushing button after button hoping for money which would make them happier.  People sitting at the bars with their head tilted back to drink every last drop of the drink they had chosen.  Single men and women sitting by the pool looking for love.

I thought it was so true.  All we need is love.  The bible says that God is love, and that is truly what we need.  All we need is God.  So many looking for love, and something that will fill them up.  It is such a blessing and a gift to find that special someone to spend your life with, the one you love unconditionally.  I know without God and His blessing I would not have had him all of these 19 years, and I am truly thankful for it.  It is also a blessing to know the one thing in this world that is better than any drug or any high or any amount of money, and that is Jesus Christ.

My son asked me a few weeks ago what I was most thankful for in my life.  My first thought was my salvation and my husband.  If I didn’t have my husband, I would have never had my children.  It was nice to have a weekend to get refocused back on what is truly important.  God first.  My husband second.  My family third.  And then everything else will fall into place.

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need
The Beatles

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