A Back To School Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for protection.
I pray You would protect these children on all sides and in every situation.  I pray You would protect them from people who would want to do them harm.  I pray You would protect them on and off the school grounds.  I pray drivers in and around the school grounds would be aware of their surroundings, and the children would be aware of what is going on around them as well.
I pray for wisdom.
In Proverbs we are told that wisdom is more beautiful than rubies.  I pray my children would see the value of wisdom and seek it.  Open their minds to learning and help them to clear all other thoughts which might impede their learning process.  You made their minds, and they are fearfully and wonderfully made.
I pray for friendships.
I pray that You would help my children to make good choices in friendships.  I pray for Christian friends who come from good homes in which they can have accountability and fellowship.  I also pray for You to open the door to non-Christian friendships as well.  Help my children to be Your light in this world.  I pray for friends who are open to hearing about You and who are open to being invited to Christian activities such as church or youth groups.  I know You Yourself did not come to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance.
I pray for teachers.
I pray for the teachers who will be teaching these children.  I pray for each teacher that You will give them strength to teach these children well.  I pray they can get the rest they need to be their best, and the funds they need to buy the supplies to teach my children well.  I pray the energy and excitement they have at the beginning of the year will not wane throughout the year, but maintain itself.
I pray for choices.
I pray my children will make good choices and not evil ones.  I pray they would not be ashamed of You, Jesus.  I pray for boldness to stand tall and go against the crowd if that decision needs to be made.  Help me to be understanding when they do make bad choices or make mistakes especially when they make the big ones.  I pray that when they do make bad choices, they will always be found out whether that is a friend passing by or a mother that calls to confirm.
I pray for myself.
I pray that You will sustain me.  I pray that I will be on and present when my children get up in the morning or when they get in the car at the end of the day.  I pray You will give me patience during homework time and help me to not get hung up on my own agenda.  Help me to remember that these children are my gift from You, and they are my ministry.  I pray they would not get my leftovers.
I pray for growth.
Lord, I pray for growth.  I know shoes will be outgrown and jeans will become too high this year, but I pray that You will help me to be mindful of how to grow these children spiritually throughout this school year.  I pray for a schedule that is not too full to put You into it at least once a week if not more for a family Bible time.  I pray that my husband and I will hold each other accountable to this goal.
I pray in thanks.
Finally, I thank you that as I send out my children into the unknown You are there.  You are watching.  You love them more than I do which is hard to imagine.  Thank you that we can come boldly before Your throne and make our requests know to You, and You hear our cry.  Thank you, Lord.

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